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Letter 08: The future of the country is in the hands of youngsters?

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Dear children,

None of the countries becomes great by having gold & silver. The country will be great when their children are great. Because the children are not only the asset but they are also the future’s helmsmen (कर्णधार) of the country.
After every twenty years, a new generation arises with new ideas. Therefore it becomes more important to have a strong foundation of today’s children so that after twenty years they will be true builders of the country. And it is only possible when the environment of their homes is peaceful and happy.
Parents and homes are the schools of great importance for their growth and learning. In other words, parents and homes are the production houses of the future’s national builders.
But nowadays most of the children are not associated with their parents as they must be, the home is like a hostel (रैनबसेरा) and the parents are only the source of money?
In the old days there used to be a combined family, older people used to take care of their grandchildren. They used to teach them moral and traditional values of life in the form of small stories about their experiences.
Nowadays perhaps nobody knows the meaning of a combined family? Now it is only a single-family called “nuclear family”.
Perhaps this is the most important reason for disassociation and lack of regard for older people.
By chance if at all the older people living with their children. You know what the children say, “Parents are living with us.” None will say… None… “We are living with our parents.”
I really do not know whether they know the difference between these two words?
This is the thinking growing all around the world and now in our country also. So it is my request to everyone please think coolly and act…

With lots of Love & Affection

Krishna Gopal

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