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Topic 9: Different types of Scanner

DigitalG1 Different types of Scanners

In the old times, documents were stored in hard copy. Due to aging, moisture, loss, etc., it was very difficult to protect them for a long time. We also had to take them from one place to another to be sent or copied. Thanks to the scanner, which is an input device that produces a digital copy of a paper, document, or object. Which can be saved on a computer as an image or PDF document. A scanned copy is much easier to preserve than a hard copy. They can be sent anywhere via the Internet in an instant. Moreover, they can be easily printed to make more copies.

Scanners can be classified into the following three categories.

Flatbed Scanner

DigitalG1 Flatbed Scanner
Flatbed Scanner

Flatbed scanners are the most commonly used scanners. Like the photocopy machine, they have a flat transparent glass platform, called a flatbed. The document or object to be scanned is placed on it. Under the glass is a movable scanning device, which scans the document. Although these scanners can only scan one document at a time, their scanning quality is much better than other scanners. Moreover, they can also scan bound papers, books, and other objects.

Sheetfed Scanner

DigitalG1 Sheetfed Scanner
Sheetfed Scanner

Sheetfed scanners are generally used in those offices where a lot of documents or pages have to be scanned daily. Like flatbed, there is no need to change the document repeatedly. For this, such scanners have a feeder tray instead of a flatbed. It can hold multiple documents or pages simultaneously. The document feeder mechanism feeds the documents one by one into the scanner. Such scanners consist of one or two fixed scanning devices. The document runs on these devices and is scanned. These scanners can scan single or both sides.

Due to their fast speed, these scanners are more expensive than flatbed scanners. Besides, there is a possibility of spoiling the original document being stuck inside the scanner.

Handheld Scanner

DigitalG1 Handheld Portable Scanner
Handheld Portable Scanner

Handheld scanners are quite light and small in size. They are used to scan signatures, small images, book pages, etc. Most such scanners are portable and run on a battery. Which can also be used without connecting to the computer. They also have their own storage to save scan copies. They can be connected to the computer later to transfer the scanned images.

Author – Aditya Saini

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