Industrial Psychology

Industrial Psychology

KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Course Introduction

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the course on Industrial Psychology PSYCH-105. In this course, we will cover:

    • Industrial Psychology: Introduction, Scope and Application, Historical Development.
    • Scientific Management Model, Time and Motion Study, Therbligs.
    • Human Relation Model and Hawthorne Experiment.
    • Motivation: Introduction, Types and Different Approaches/ Theories of Motivation, Job Satisfaction.
    • Leadership: Introduction, Qualities and Roles of Leader, Types of Leader and Leadership Style, Different Approaches/ Theories of Leadership.
    • Stress Management: Symptoms, Causes and Effects of Stress, Stress Management Strategies.
    • Organizational Culture, Organizational Climate, Group Dynamics, Fatigue, Monotony, Boredom, Accidents and Safety.
    • Job Analysis: Objectives, Steps, Methods of Job Analysis, Job Description, Job Specification, Job Evaluation, Job Design.
    • Recruitment and Selection: Purpose, Types, Methods and Process.
    • Psychological Test and Employment Interview: Types, Steps, Guidelines.
    • Performance Appraisal, Training and Development : Prerequisite, Steps, Methods and Process.
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Please go through the following links before starting the course:

    1. Our Team
    2. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs
    3. Course Structure
    4. References
    5. Evaluation of the course

We hope that you will enjoy this course and it will give you some value.

Best Wishes

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