Causes of Industrial Accidents 

PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 13: Accident and Safety

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Causes of Industrial Accidents

Broadly there are two factors responsible for accidents in industry 

  1. Unsafe conditions
  2. Unsafe acts

Unsafe Conditions

  1. Nature of industry (like coal mining, chemical industry etc)
  2. Slip of falls
  3. Struck by falling objects
  4. Striking or colliding
  5. Exposure or contact with extreme temperatures
  6. Exposure to or contact with electric current
  7. Exposure to or contact with harmful substance or radiations

Unsafe Acts

  1. Causes due to medical reasons
  2. Causes due to personality problems 
  3. Causes due to operating defects 

Other Reasons

  1. Influence of alcoholic drink or drugs 
  2. Accidents due to electrical causes
  3. Personal problems of employees (family problems, problems related to mental health, depression, stress, dissatisfaction in job etc)
  4. Human factors (irresponsibility, defective vision, faulty attitude, high B.P. etc.)

Generally Accident happened because of:

  1. Poor leadership from the top
  2. Inadequate supervision
  3. Insufficient attention to the design of safety into the system or careless attitude on EMS.
  4. An unsystematic approach to the identification, analysis and elimination of hazards.
  5. Poor training facilities and employee motivation
  6. Inherent hazards
  7. Slip or fall on floors and stair-casings
  8. Collision
  9. Miscellaneous 

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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