Guidelines of Employment Interview

PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 16: Psychological Tests

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Guidelines of Employment Interview

  1. Prepare carefully for the interview (no interruption during the interview is to be planned, adequate time is scheduled, job descriptions are studied, person to conduct the interview is deicide, format of interview is decided, etc).
  2. Ask the applicant only job-related questions and these questions should be prepared in advance.
  3. Ask the same question to each applicant so that each interviewed applicant receives equal treatment.
  4. Interviewer must be frank and straightforward instead of being shrewd.
  5. Ask questions that requires the applicant to describe his/ her knowledge, experience and training as related to the job opening (avoid questions that produce yes or no answers). 
  6. Document the applicants answer during or immediately after the interview.
  7. Check for inconsistencies in interview answers and application form.
  8. Allow time during the interview for applicant to ask questions about the job, the work unit etc.
  9. The feeling s of the applicant should not be hurt.
  10. Evaluate the applicant immediately after (not during) an interview and evaluate base on objective, job related reasons. 

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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