Industrial Safety Programs

PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 13: Accident and Safety

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Industrial Safety Program

1. Equipment Redesign

Industrial engineers should be engaged to improve the man machine system. equipment, machinery and work procedures should be redesigned to cut down accident rates.

2. Regular Inspection

There should be regular inspection of machines and equipment and electricity cables to check any leakage.

3. Safety Devices

A number of safety devises may be provided to reduce accidents. If extra motions are required, employees may resent such devises. Proper check must be kept on safety devises as employees try to avoid safety devises.

4. Proper Selection

Accidents can be avoided by refusing to employ those persons who are accident prone. Accident prevention, to a great extent is the by-product of proper selection and placement.

5. Learn Floors

There should be no tailing of telephone cables on the floors. Floors, passages and stair must be kept clear of all obstructions.

6. Fencing

All the dangerous machines should be adequately fenced. The floor openings should also be properly fenced.

7. Safety Training

The supervisor should train new employees in safety measures. The possible cause of accidents should be explained to new employees and they should be taught habits and motions that will keep them out of danger. Training programmes should also be designed for the supervisors. 

8. Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment should be installed to carry bulky materials from one place to another. No worker may be required to lift or carry heavy loads which may cause injury.

9. Safety Committee

Safety committee may be constituted in every plant. It should consist of the representative of both the management and the workers. All the safety programmes should be implemented through the safety committee

10. Safety Campaign

Safety programme must be given wide publicity through posters and hoardings. ‘work safety and safety saves’ are the illustrations of the slogans which may be displayed at critical points

11. Safety Contest

Safety contest may be held between the plants as a part of the safety campaign. Plant with the lowest accident rate may be given some reward.

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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