Maintaining Culture

PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 9: Organizational Culture and Climate

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Maintaining a Culture

1. Selection of employees

It is by selecting the candidates who can culturally match the organizational culture, the management can think of maintaining the organizational culture. Such types of employees will perpetuate the traditions, common beliefs and values of the organization. 

2. Actions of top management

Through what they say and how they behave, senior executive establish norms that filter down through the organization as to whether risk taking is desirable; how much freedom managers should allow their subordinates; what actions will pay of pay raises- promotions and other rewards and the like.

3. Socialization

It is the process of adaptation by which new employees are to understand the basic values and norms for becoming ‘accepted’ members of the organization. There are three stages in the process of socialization:

a. Pre-arrival stage

It denotes the period of learning in the socialization process that occurs before a new worker joins the organization.

b. Encounter stage

The new employee enters this stage when he joins the organization. He comes to know what the organization is really like and may find divergence between his expectations and those of the organizations.

c. Metamorphosis or transformation stage

Under this stage, real transformation in the new employee takes place. He adjusts to his work group’s values and norms and become comfortable with the organization and his job.

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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