Meaning and Importance of Development

PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 18: Training and Development

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Executive or management development is an educational process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which managerial personnel learn conceptual and theoretical knowledge for general purpose. The management or executive development includes “all those activities and programs, when recognized and controlled, substantial influence on changing the capacity of the individual to perform his present assignment better and in doing so are likely to increase his potential for future assignment”.


  1. To increase efficiency of performance of existing executives by developing there managerial skills.
  2. To ensure adequate result of material talents at all levels for the long term survival and growth of organization.
  3. To encourage the executives to adopt the latest technology and process and thus to prevent the obsolescence of executives.
  4. To provide opportunities to managers for their career achievement – as a motivational tool.
  5. In order to introduce change in organization by introducing change agents and thus to influence behaviour of workers through the developed workers.
  6. To establish harmony and coordination in the changed circumstances.
  7. To increase proficiency in management techniques such as work study, inventory control, operational research and quality control.

Need / Importance

  1. To keep the executives abreast of the changes and development in their respective fields
  2. To improve thought process and analytical ability
  3. To broaden the outlook of the executives regarding his role position and responsibilities
  4. To understand the conceptual issues related to economic, social and technical areas
  5. To understand the problems of human relations and improve human relating skills
  6. To stimulate creative thinking
  7. To specialize in overall view of the functions of the organization and equip them to coordinate each other’s efforts efficiently.

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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