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PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 15: Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment is a process of attracting, screening and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or company.

Dale S. Beach – “Recruitment is the development and maintenance of adequate man power resources. It involves the creation of pool of available labour upon whom the organization can draw when it needs additional employees.”

Roger H. Hawk – The purpose to recruitment function are primarily straight forward to seek out, to evaluate, to obtain commitment from, place and orient the employees to fill positions required for the successful conduct of the work of an organization. 

Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is the pool of applicants from which new employees are selected. 

Importance / Purpose of Recruitment

1. Create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidate.

2. Helps in increasing the success rate of selection process. 

3. Help reduce labour turnover only after a short period of time. 

4. To increase organizational effectiveness in short term and long term. 

5. To meet organization’s legal and social obligations regarding the composition of its workforce. 

6. To provide an equal opportunity for potential candidates to apply for vacancies. 

7. To attract highly qualified individuals. 

8. To emphasize active recruitment of diverse and talented candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups, i.e. individuals with disabilities, minority group members, women, and veterans. 

Features of Recruitment

  1. It is a process / multistep activity rather than a single act or event.
  2. It is a linking activity between jobs (employers / organization) and those seeking jobs (prospective employees).
  3. It is a position function as it provides the best pool of eligible talented and qualified candidate.
  4. It is an omnipresent / pervasive (common) function as all organizations are engaged in recruitment activity. 

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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