Procedures / Steps of Employment Interview

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Procedures / Steps of Employment Interview

1. Short Listing of Candidates

The first point to hold an interview is the short listing of candidates to be called for the interview. For this purpose, the application form filled by the candidate and the results of tests conducted by the personnel department may be used. Thus, all pertinent information than can be gathered beforehand is assembled and an analysis is made to decide whether or not a particular applicant is worth interviewing. 

2. Physical Arrangements for The Interview

The proper physical arrangements for the interview are of great importance. The interview should be conducted in a room free form disturbance, noise and interruptions so that interview may be held in a quite environment. The elements of secrecy shall also be maintained.

3. Reception of the Candidates

Keeping to time is another important requirement of good interview. A candidate who is called for an interview should not be expected to wait for too long. Waiting for an interview irritates many candidates more than any other single factor I the selection process. The interviewer (employer) should try to create such conditions which are as convenient as possible.

4. Conduct of Interview

In order to get good results out of the interview the candidates should be made to feel at ease. He will not be able to answer properly if he feels that he is being hurried through the question – answer period. Under ideal conditions, a successful interview can be conducted from 20 – 30 minutes. But even then, an expert interviewer should manage to convey the impression that he has plenty of time. So, the interviewers must try to create harmonious atmosphere in which relevant information can be obtained by both the parties.

5. Finalization of Minutes of Interview

Every interviewer needs to check the data on the application form to see that they provide a connected and coherent life history and he has to relate these data to the applicant’s age at the time to assess his suitability for the present job. In particular, the interviewer should match people to job by concentrating on the following:

a. The extent to which the applicant’s previous work experience resembled the work in the post to be filled.

b. The applicant’s social background, education and achievement.

c. The applicant’s normal working tempo.

d. The applicant’s initiative and decision making.

e. The applicant’s attitude towards authority and discipline.

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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