Qualities of Good Interviewer

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Chapter 16: Psychological Tests

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Qualities of Good Interviewer

Right skill to conduct an effective job interview is an important aspect to hire the right person in a company.

1. Communication Skills

Interviewees will be more likely to open up to some one who shares their job vocabulary and can discuss job content intelligently.

2. Knowledge of Jobs in the Industry

The interviewer must be acquainted with industrial jobs in order to compare and contrast the available job position in the firm and in the industry as a whole.

3. Judgement and Analytical Skills

The interviewer must not only be able to comprehend what the employee is saying, but also be able to probe for additional facts.

4. Objectivity

There is no rule in job analysis interviewing for preconceived ideas, personal biases, or extreme opinions.

5. Understanding of Human Behaviour

The success on interview depends heavily on the interviewer ability to motivate the potential employee to respond and encourage cooperation while minimizing suspicion, hospitality and embarrassment. 

6. Personality

Favourable personality traits for an interviewer include sincerity, integrity and the ability to get along with all types of people.

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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