Safety in Industry – Methods

PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 13: Accident and Safety

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Safety, in simple terms, means freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury or loss. Industrial safety or employee safety refers to the protection of workers from the danger of industrial accident.

Safety increase employee morale, increased productivity, helps to follow the legal instruction and finally save the cost related to accident and after.

It is the state in which the risk of harm to persons or of property damage is reduced to and maintained at or below an acceptable level through a continuing process of harzard identification and risk management. It means 

  • a. Zero accidents.
  • b. Freedom from danger or risks.
  • c. Attitude change towards unsafe acts and conditions by employees.
  • d. Process of hazards identification and safety management.

Safety programmes deals with the prevention of accidents and with minimum the resulting loss and damage to persons and property. Five basic principles must govern the safety programmes of an organization:

  1. Trace out the root cause of Accident.
  2. Identify the potential hazards
  3. Continuous monitoring the safety performance
  4. Assuring the accountability of employee and employer for safety performance in the working areas.
  5. Assuring the continuous training and education on eliminating safety hazards and prevention of accidents.

Methods of Accident Prevention or Safety

1. Reducing unsafe conditions

    a. Walking path 

    b. Lighting arrangement 

    c. Proper layout

   d. Material handling equipment

    e. Tools 

    f. Personnel protective equipment

    g. Equipment redesign

2. Reducing unsafe acts

    a. Medical assistance

    b. Personality readjustment 

          i. Proper selection and placement

          ii. Consultation

    c. Correcting operation defects

          i. Through training

          ii. Through motivation 

          iii. Redesigning of jobs

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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