Steps / Process of Job Analysis

PSYCH-105 Industrial Psychology

Chapter 14: Job Analysis

Unit 1

Unit 2

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Process / Steps in Job Analysis

There are 8 steps in job analysis program

1. Organize and plan for program

Must determine who will be in-charge of the program, a schedule should be established and a budget estimated

2. Obtain current job design information

Obtain organization charts, current position description and job specifications, procedure manuals and system flow charts to the degree that these are available.

3. Conduct “need research”

Job analyst should investigate to determine which organization, managers or staff people require job analysis, for what purpose and to what extent jobs must be analysed and how the information will be used.

4. Establish priorities in the jobs to be analysed

5. Collect job data

Collect data as they are currently being performed using established systematic techniques.

6. Redesign the jobs, if necessary

7. Prepare job description and job classifications

Job information must be processed to prepare the job descriptions. This is a written statement which describes the main features of the job along with duties, location, and degree of risk involved.

8. Developing job specifications

This step involves conversion of the job descriptions in terms of human qualifications, traits of temperament, physical and psychological attributes required.

Types of Job Analysis

1. Job Oriented Job Analysis

Analysis of job based on describing the tasks required for successful performance 

2. Worker Oriented Job Analysis

Analysis based on worker behaviour, what the worker does.

3. Combined Job Analysis

A combination of both types of analysis is used.

Author – Dr. Niyati Garg

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