Challenges faced by E-Governance in India

KNC501/KNC601 Constitution of India, Law and Engineering

Chapter 18: E-Governance and role of engineers in E-Governance

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Challenges faced by E-Governance in India:

1. Low technology literacy:

In India, there is less awareness and understanding about Information technology. Due to these most of people in India cannot use E-Governance. So one the important challenge in front of us to literate everyone not in just education but also in use of technology.

2. Language Problem:

In India, most of the people only Understand Hindi. They cannot understand English, and haul E-Governance project is in English language. That‘s why we have to create an E-Governance projects in different languages.

3. Contradiction regarding Government services:

Most of people in India, considered government services as late mark, so when E-Governance model implemented by government, we have to provide fast services than others to the people. By using it we can remove the contradiction between citizens and government.

4. Lack of Internet facility in Villages:

In India, there is lack of internet facility; Due to this most of peoples are unable to use E-Governance services mainly coming from villages. So to overcome this problem we have to spread wide area network widely in India in low cost, because cost also plays an important role while developing anything regarding to government project.

5. Population:

One of the most important challenges in front of India is to control the population. In implementing the E-Governance project in India become difficult because of the population. It’s very hard to store update of each of the people because of number of peoples are more as compared to other countries. In any E-Governance activity, we have to store a unique identity of each of the citizen in large database. Because of large database, its handling becomes more complex as well as all database related problems arises.

Author – Dilip Kumar Rawat

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