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Chapter 9: The Court System in India and Foreign Courtiers

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District Court

The District Courts of India are the local district courts of the State governments. In India for every district or for one or more districts together taking into account the number of cases, population distribution in the district.

These Courts administer justice in India at a district level.


The highest court in each district is that of the District and Sessions Judge.


District and Sessions Judge is the principal court of original civil jurisdiction besides the High Court of the State and which derives its jurisdiction in civil matters primarily from the code of civil procedure.


The district court is also a court of Sessions when it exercises its jurisdiction on criminal matters under the Code of Criminal procedure. The district court is presided over by one District Judge appointed by the state Governor with on the advice of state chief justice.


In addition to the district judge there may be a number of Additional District Judges and Assistant District Judges depending on the workload.


The District Courts of India are the local district courts of the State governments in India for every district or for one or more districts together taking into account the number of cases, population distribution in the district. These Courts administer justice in India at a district level.


Such courts conduct Appellate and Original jurisdiction in all matters related to criminal and civil cases. District Courts render justice at the district level.

There are total 672 District courts in India.

Author – Dilip Kumar Rawat

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