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Functions of the Lok Sabha

The Parliament consists of two houses i.e. Lol Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The Lok Sabha is the lower house with a maximum strength of 552 members, out of which 530 members represent the State, 20 members represent the Union Territories and 2 members from the Anglo-Indian community.

The important functions of the Lok Sabha are:

1. Legislative Function

The primary function of Parliament is a law-making function. Lok Sabha plays an important part. It can pass bills concerning all those subjects which have been included in Union and Concurrent list. No bill can become law unless it has been passed by Lok Sabha. In case of any disagreement between the two Houses, the will of Lok Sabha will prevail in joint sitting with the Rajya Sabha because Lok Sabha has more members than Rajya Sabha.

2. Financial Powers

The power of control over the finances by the Lok Sabha is powerful. The money bill has to be introduced in the Lok Sabha first, and when passed by the Lok Sabha it is to be transmitted to Rajya Sabha for the recommendation. It is upon the Lok Sabha to accept or not to accept the recommendations. The Lok Sabah alone has the exclusive power of sanctioning all government expenditures.

3. Executive Control

Article 75(3) of the Constitution provides that ‘Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to the Lok Sabha.’ Thus, the Government is accountable to the Lok Sabha for its acts. It is only the Lok Sabha that can pass a no-confidence vote against the Council of Ministers and force them to resign.

4. Electoral Function

The Lok Sabha members are part of the Electoral College for the election of President. The members of Lok Sabha also elect the Vice-President. It elects the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

There are more other functions of the Lok Sabha like redressal of grievances, judicial functions, and miscellaneous functions.

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