Role/Impact of Engineers and Technology on E-Governance

KNC501/KNC601 Constitution of India, Law and Engineering

Chapter 18: E-Governance and role of engineers in E-Governance

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Role/Impact of Engineers and technology on E-Governance:

In E-Governance, we can use all the services of E-Governance online. So Technology Impact is more on E-Governance.

1. Security:

Security plays vital role when information are available for more users at one platform. External attacks have overcome on system by hacking the information related to user and government. this information is prevent only by using different virus defending technique such as using antivirus and different encryption techniques for data or information transfer. This reduces virus attacks and data hacking from unwanted users or peoples. By using standard security measures, we can easily overcome these security failures.

2. Privacy:

Because of open access of information related to peoples or any business community on E-Governance website or portal, it creates serious problem with their privacy. So, to overcome this problem using technology we can used some privacy measures or setting up some privacy measures, we can easily overcome these problem by using technology impact.

3. 24/7 services available to user:

Using E-Governance technology we can easily provide 24/7 services to the user for their convenience. Where user can easy to access their services on any time when they want.

4. Updating the content:

In any E-Governance model, services of Government facility and new projects related to government are updated day by day, so updating the information related to new government projects are becomes very easy to updating the information on E-Governance sites online using technology.

5. Access of services of E-Governance:

Using technology which we were used for implementing the E-Governance project, it becomes very easy to accessing the information related to government projects.

Author – Dilip Kumar Rawat

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