KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 4: The Program to fulfill Basic Human Aspirations

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Our basic aspirations are happiness and prosperity and it’s continuity. To achieve them we continuously involve in various activities and accumulating various things. But unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill our aspirations. The reason is that we don’t know what we really need to fulfill our requirements and their correct priority.

Basic Requirements for Fulfilling the Aspirations

DigitalG1 Basic Requirement for fulfillment of Human Aspiration

The basic requirements for fulfilling the aspirations of every human being are:

⇒ Right Understanding: This refers to higher-order human skills – the need to learn and utilize our intelligence most effectively.

⇒ Good Relationships: This refers to the interpersonal relationships that a person builds in his or her life – at home, at the workplace, and in society.

⇒ Physical Facilities: This includes the physiological needs of individuals and indicates the necessities as well as the comforts of life.

Now ask yourself : “Do  I need all the three or I can live a fulfilling life with only physical facilities?” 

We can verify this by a set of proposals.

“Physical facilities are necessary for human beings.”

“Physical facilities are necessary for human beings and they are necessary for animals.”

“Physical facilities are necessary and complete for animals, while they are necessary but not complete for humans.”

DigitalG1 Physical Facilities for Humans and Animals

For Animals: Animals need physical things to survive, mainly to take care of their body.

For Humans: While physical facilities are necessary for human beings, they are not complete by themselves to fulfill our needs. Our needs are more than just physical facilities; Besides physical facilities, we want relationship.

By relationship, we mean the relationship we have with other people, or human beings; father, mother, brother and sisters, our friends, our teachers; we desire good relationships with all of them.

DigitalG1 Relationship and Physical Facilities

We Want

In Relationship: Mutual Fulfilment: If there is a problem in relationship, we feel uneasy, it bothers us. Even if we are interacting with someone, and something we said or did offends them, it makes us uneasy; i.e. we want mutual fulfilment in relationship.

In Physical Facilities: Prosperity in Us, Enrichment in Nature: Prosperity means the feeling of having or being able to have more physical facilities than is needed. If we don’t have the feeling of prosperity we will exploit others. Similarly, as we interact with nature for our various physical needs, either exploit nature or enrich it. But our natural acceptance is that we want to live in harmony with nature.

DigitalG1 What we want to be

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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