KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 5: Understanding Human Being as Co-existence of Self and Body

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Body as an instrument of Self ‘I’

Explore the following proposals:

DigitalG1 I being the Seer, Doer and Enjoyer

I am the conscious entity; the body is the material entity. The body is my instrument. I am the one who takes decisions, the body acts accordingly. The awareness of being alive is in me, in ‘I’.

It is not just that I what to live, I want to live with continuous happiness. For the body, physical facilities are required in a limited quantity and temporarily. There are three requirements related to the body, nutrition, protection, and right utilization. For the nurture of the body, food is required. For protection, clothing is required. For right utilization, instruments are required.

My complete program is to understand and live in harmony at all four levels of my living. Ensuring physical facilities for the body is only a small part of the program. It consists of production, protection, and the right utilization of physical facilities.

⇒ I am the seer. I see through eyes, the eye don’t see, they are just an instrument used by me. In the eyes, different images are formed every time – it is ‘I’ who is able to relate it to its meaning. Seer also means the one that understands. It is also called ‘Drashta’.

I am the doer. I select to do, and use the hands or feet or other parts of the body to do the things. ‘Doer’ means ‘the one that does’, who takes decisions to do. It is also called ‘Karta’.

I am the enjoyer. When I eat, I get the taste. The body just gets in touch with the food and sends the information to me, it is ‘I’ who enjoys the food. Enjoyer means ‘the one who enjoys’. It is also called ‘Bhokta’.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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