KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Course References

Text Books:

    1. R R Gaur, R Sangal, G P Bagaria, 2009, A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics.


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    6. P L Dhar, RR Gaur, 1990, Science and Humanism, Commonwealth Publishers.
    7. A N Tripathy, 2003, Human Values, New Age International Publishers.
    8. SubhasPalekar, 2000, How to practice Natural Farming, Pracheen (Vaidik) KrishiTantraShodh, Amravati.
    9. E G Seebauer & Robert L. Berry, 2000, Fundamentals of Ethics for Scientists & Engineers, Oxford University Press
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    12. B L Bajpai, 2004, Indian Ethos and Modern Management, New Royal Book Co., Lucknow. Reprinted 2008.
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