KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Course Structure

The views, opinions, and content on these web pages are solely those of the original authors R R Gaur, R. Sangal & G P Bagharia in the book “A foundation course in Human Values & Professional Ethics. We only summarized that content & presented it in E-format. The summary was done by Dr. Niyati Garg, Asst. Professor (Human Values), MIET Meerut & editor of E-format is Mr. Aditya Saini, Founder CEO, Digital जीवन

Unit 1: Course Introduction – Need, Basic Guidelines, Content and Process for Value Education

Chapter 1: Understanding Value Education

Chapter 2: Self Exploration as the process of Value Education

Chapter 3: Basic Human Aspirations – Continuous Happiness and Prosperity

Chapter 4: The Program to fulfill Basic Human Aspirations

Unit 2: Understanding Harmony in the Human Being - Harmony in Myself

Chapter 5: Understanding Human Being as Co-existence of Self and Body

Chapter 6: Harmony in Self – Understanding Myself

Chapter 7: Harmony with the Body – Understanding Sanyam and Swasthya

Unit 3: Understanding Harmony in the Family and Society- Harmony in Human-Human Relationship

Chapter 8: Harmony in Family – Understanding Values in Human Relationships

Chapter 9: Harmony in the Society – from Family to World Family Order

Unit 4: Understanding Harmony in the Nature and Existence - Whole existence as Co-existence

Chapter 10: Harmony in Nature – Understanding the Interconnection and Mutual Fulfilment

Chapter 11: Harmony in Existence – Understanding Existence as Coexistence

Unit 5: Implication of Holistic Understanding – a look at Professional Ethics

Chapter 12: Providing the basis for Universal Human Values and Ethical Human Conduct

Chapter 13: Professional Ethics in light of Right Understanding

Chapter 14: Basis for the Holistic Alternative towards Universal Human Order

Chapter 15: Vision for Holistic Technologies, Production Systems and Management Models


UHVPE Previous Year Question Papers

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