KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 11: Harmony in Existence – Understanding Existence as Coexistence

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Existence Is Co-Existence

The existence is ‘units in space’. We studied about space earlier. The units are of two types:

    1. Material (insentient)
    2. Consciousness (the sentient ‘I’)

The material units are transformable, and their composition keeps on changing, hence these are “Gathansheel“. The other category of units, the sentient ‘I’, do not transform and are complete in composition, hence “Gathanpurna“.

The material units are changeful (with activities of recognizing and fulfillment only), while the other kind of units are continuous (with activities of knowing, assuming, recognizing, and fulfillment).

The material units are available in two orders – material order and pranic order. In the material order, an atom combines with another atom to form a molecule, a molecule similarly forms a molecular structure. Molecular structures are found in two forms: lumps and fluids.

Fluids give nutrition to pranic order. In pranic order, the smallest units are plant cells which combine with other cells to form plants, animal bodies, and human bodies.

The co-existence of ‘I’ with the animal body becomes the animal order, and the co-existence of ‘I’ with the human body becomes the human order.

Completion of the right understanding in human beings is called “Kriyapurnata” and the ability to live with complete understanding is called “Acharanpurnata”.

DigitalG1 Existence is Co-existence
Existence is Co-existence

If we look at the left side of the chart, the transformation keeps taking place and the transformation is cyclic in nature. But on the right-hand side, the transitions are acyclic. This implies that what we have understood continues to stay with us. We will never miss it. This is a transition in one direction. This is actually called development (Vikas).

So, Existence is in the form of co-existence. It is in Harmony. We don’t have to create this harmony, it already exists. We only have to understand it to be in it. This means that having the knowledge of self (‘I’) gives me the knowledge of humane conduct (how to live in existence, with the four orders). With this knowledge, I can live with humane conduct. This is the pending task we have to complete.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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