KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 9: Harmony in the Society – from Family to World Family Order

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Harmony from Family Order to World Family Order: Universal Human Order

The Sarvabhaum Vyawastha is the state of realizing the freedom of individuals in the context of this universe. Respect towards mankind and nature is a must to establish the universal order. Having understood the comprehensive human goal, we are able to be in harmony not only with human beings but also with the rest of nature. We are able to see that we are related to every unit in nature and ensure mutual fulfillment in that relationship. Working on the five dimensions of human endeavor in the light of right understanding, we are able to work for an orderly living of the human society, whose foundational unit is the family and the final destination is the world family.

Undivided Society: “The feeling of being related to every human being.”
Universal Human Order: “The feeling of being related to every unit including human beings and other entities of nature.”

Undivided Society (Akhand Samaj)

An undivided human-centric society is one of the higher human goals. Akhand samaj is the state of the society where all people of different religions and thought processes live together and work towards the betterment of the society.

Three activities can be performed to send the message of a holistic society:

1. Educating society through Workshops, Seminars and Street Plays

This is about organizing workshops, seminars, and street play at various levels in society. The activity may be carried out by N.G.O.’s but must receive the support of government organizations. These activities can be categorized into three types which include:

    • Knowing the self
    • Knowing the existence on basis of self
    • Knowing the definite human conduct which is the contribution of self in existence.

2. Value education in Educational Institutions

Value education should be introduced in the current education system at all levels – primary school, secondary school, senior secondary school as well as college level.

3. Helping to apply values to the real world

Organizations – both government and non-government should open up counseling centers that can help their employees or the general public to apply values to real-life situations. It is about realizing the alternatives in life. Various individuals are on the way to self-exploration, finding their natural acceptance towards a holistic approach to life and realizing it at all levels starting from self (with knowledge) to family (with meaningful relationships), then to society (education – health – production – business – services). The idea is not to live in isolation or individualism but with the expansion of SELF to higher levels in the social system.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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