KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 14: Basis for the Holistic Alternative towards Universal Human Order

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Holistic Alternative – Basis for Humanistic Education and Humanistic Constitution

The right understanding prepares us for moving towards the ‘holistic alternative’ (universal human order, Swarajya) which will be sustainable as well as conducive to fulfill the basic human aspirations for all human beings. It will be a mode of living that is self-satisfying, people-friendly, and eco-friendly. Then all human ingenuity, all the knowledge, and skills available can be harnessed to actualize such a model of living.

The primary step to move towards the holistic alternative is to develop the right understanding among human beings and the commitment to live accordingly and then to develop the requisite skills and know-how to implement the right understanding in real life.

    • Humanistic education: Humanistic education will incorporate appropriate integration of values and skills so that human beings are able to understand their physical needs correctly and adopt suitable techniques and production systems to cater to these needs in an eco-friendly ad people-friendly manner.
    • Humanistic constitution: The right understanding also provides us the basis for a humanistic constitution which is essential to provide clear guidelines and policy framework conducive to the development of an un-fragmented human society and a universal human order. Working towards the comprehensive human goal and developing the competence for ethical human conduct will be among the salient directive principles of a humanistic constitution. It will safeguard social justice in the true sense.

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Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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