KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 14: Basis for the Holistic Alternative towards Universal Human Order

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Humanistic Education

Inculcation of the right understanding at all four levels (from self to entire existence) and development of the competence to live in accordance with it forms the core of humanistic education. One should be able to evaluate all the endeavors in the light of the right understanding. Humanistic education will incorporate appropriate integration of values and skills so that human beings are able to understand their physical needs correctly and adopt suitable techniques and production systems to cater to these needs in an eco-friendly and people-friendly manner.

An adequate research effort is needed to evolve and implement the models of such an education. To begin with, the education of a child starts at home. The child learns and understands things living in close relations at home. So every model will entail the right kind of environment at home for the child to develop. When the child needs more exposure to skills and knowledge, he/she will need a formal system, in the form of some collective effort in society. To start with it is necessary to introduce the required inputs of value education. But in the longer run, the whole education system will need to be re-designed in the light of the right understanding.

Humanistic Constitution

In addition, the right understanding also provides us the basis for a humanistic constitution which is essential to provide clear guidelines and policy framework conducive to the development of an un-fragmented human society and a universal human order. Working towards the comprehensive human goal and developing the competence for ethical human conduct will be among the salient directive principles of a humanistic constitution. It will safeguard the social justice in true sense.

Presently, human society is divided into various castes, creeds, religions, and nationalities whose objectives and interests are proving contrary to those of others. Accordingly, a major part of human endeavor is used in handling these conflicts and contradictions. Paradoxically, human beings are spending a substantial part of their energies and resources in preparing themselves for war, only to ensure peace!

This can only be there because of our ignorance, because of our incorrect assumptions/beliefs about happiness and about reality. Presently, our effort is directed towards trying to stop a wrong behavior by means of an equally or more wrong behavior – a crime by executing a bigger crime, violence by greater violence. This can never be successful in the long run and only gives rise to a vicious circle to perpetuate the wrongdoings. Things can only be set right by developing human consciousness, by developing the right understanding and living among people and in no other way. Thus, the right understanding also offers a satisfactory and spontaneous resolution of the prevailing human conflicts ranging from the family level and going up to the global level.

To begin with, the family will be the smallest unit of order in society. Moving from family to the world family, the constitution will provide the basis of harmonious living. These are relevant issues in terms of visualizing the holistic way of life in the present scenario.

DigitalG1 Human Tradition
Human Tradition

Humanistic education leads to human conduct, human constitution, universal human order, and in turn, universal human order ensures humanistic education for the next generation. That is how the whole tradition would look like if it has to be a humanistic tradition. If all these have to be ensured, where do we start?

Evidently, humanistic education is the entry point. That is why, we are trying to draw your attention from all directions, that we, as educationists, as teachers, as education administrators and as policy makers, are responsible to bring about this transformation. We have to be the most active agents to start this transformation.

Humanistic education is the entry point. Once this wheel starts rolling, it would bring about a continuing humanistic tradition, that would be able to ensure the fulfillment of human goals for every human being, generation after generation. That is what human society aspires for.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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