KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 10: Harmony in Nature – Understanding the Interconnection and Mutual Fulfilment

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Interconnectedness And Mutual Fulfillment In Nature.

Mutual fulfillment implies that each unit of the four orders is related to each other and enriching to each other.

In nature, all the units are connected to each other and fulfilling each other. A human being is related to all other human beings. On this basis, we have feelings and emotions for everyone. A human being is connected to all the material units in the existence and gets aware of it as he starts exploring it.

The four orders can be distinctly recognized in terms of their characteristics, participation with other units in a similar order, activities, the pattern of inheritance, etc.

Let us look at the first three orders namely the material, plant/bio (pranic), and animal order. We can easily see that they are interconnected. And the relationship between these orders is in such a way that they all fulfill each other and coexist with each other.

Mutual Fulfillment in Material Order and Pranic Order

The material order provides the nutrients to the plant/bio order in the form of soil, minerals, etc while the plant/ bio order decays and forms more nutrients, thus enriching the soil. The plant/bio order also decays to substances like oil and coal, which are stored deep within the earth as protection against the heat from the molten core inside the earth as well as the heat from the sun (today, this is the material we are removing and using as fuel). Plants help move the nutrients through the various layers of the soil. The roots of the plants hold the soil together and prevent the soil from erosion. Plants produce oxygen/ carbon dioxide and thus help in the movement of the material order. There is a mutual interdependency and co-existence we can see here.

DigitalG1 Mutual Fulfillment - Material order and Pranic order
Mutual Fulfillment - Material order and Pranic order

Mutual Fulfillment in Material Order, Pranic Order & Animal Order

The material orders provide the basis for the movement of all animals, birds, and fishes. Water, oxygen, and other gases are necessities for both plants and animals. At the same time, the animal order helps enrich the soil with its excreta and this excreta helps the plants with nutrients. The plant/bio order provides food for animals, birds, and fishes. The animal Order helps in the pollination of the flowers of the pranic order.

DigitalG1 Mutual Fulfillment - Material order, Pranic order & Animal order
Mutual Fulfillment - Material order, Pranic order & Animal order

Mutual Fulfillment in Material Order, Pranic Order, Animal Order & Human Order

We humans also have a natural acceptance to be mutually fulfilling to these three orders. However, we are not able to ensure this mutual fulfillment. We are dependent on the material order for soil and minerals and metals, but only end up polluting the soil and depleting the fossil fuels; we are dependent on plants for our food and holding together the larger ecosystem, but we have destroyed forests and destroyed multiple species of plants and herbs; we are dependent on animals to carry out our production and transportation activities, but have made many species of animals extinct, and are today known for our cruelty towards animals.

DigitalG1 Mutual Fulfillment - Failed for Human order
Mutual Fulfillment - Failed for Human order

We thus see that the three orders besides the human order are in harmony and are fulfilling to the human order. We have not even understood our own needs properly, nor have we understand harmonious ways to fulfill our needs. Consequently, we have disturbed ourselves and also the balance amongst the other three orders. The effect of this disharmony is now affecting our lives in the form of diseases and maladies.

DigitalG1 Mutual Fulfillment - Material order, Pranic order, Animal order & Human order
Mutual Fulfillment - Material order, Pranic order, Animal order & Human order

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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