KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 13: Professional Ethics in light of Right Understanding

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Issues in Professional Ethics

Unethical practices are rapidly increasing and their impact is also becoming far-reaching. Corruption in multifarious manifestations is afflicting all the professions like a virus. Similarly, other unethical practices are also proliferating and getting out of control. It appears as if human ingenuity is being increasingly harnessed to devise newer and subtler ways to thwart the ethical conduct of a profession, twist the laws, and beat the system.

As a result of this ‘epidemic’ of unethical practices, we are frequently coming across serious scams, major economic offenses, and kickbacks in large-scale purchases. Lapses on the part of big organizations in the ethical conduct of profession have led to large scale disasters, such as Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the Chernobyl Disaster, etc. endangering public life and prosperity, and causing serious degradation to the environment.

This menace becomes even more serious as unethical politics are adopted collectively by large industries, cartels, multinational corporations, and even national governments. We are also quite familiar with how misleading propaganda, advertisements using sex appeal, the influence of show business ad celebrities are being employed to influence the public mind for promoting all types of products that are not quite conducive to human welfare. We may enlist some salient categories of these unethical practices as follows:

  • Corruption in multiple forms and at various levels.
  • Tax evasion, misappropriation, and misuse of public funds.
  • Misleading propaganda, unethical advertisements, and sale promotion.
  • Cut-throat competition.
  • Exploiting the weakness of consumers through various enticements.
  • Adulteration and spurious production.
  • Endangering the health and safety of the public at large.
  • Hoarding and over-charging etc.
    …the list could be much longer.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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