KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 10: Harmony in Nature – Understanding the Interconnection and Mutual Fulfilment

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Recyclability and Self-Regulation In Nature

There is self-regulation in nature. It does not need to be regulated by human beings to be in harmony. With the right understanding, human beings will also be self-organized, in harmony within, and participate in the harmony in the larger order.

There are several cyclical processes that we can see in nature. For example, the cycle of water, evaporating, condensing, and precipitating back to water giving the weather phenomena. The cycles keep these materials self-regulated on the earth. Breeds of plants and animals are similarly self-regulated in their environment. In a forest, the growth of trees takes place in a way so that the amount of soil, plants, and animals remains conserved. It never happens that the number of trees shoots up and there is a lack of soil for the trees. The appropriateness of the conditions for the growth of both plants and animals is self-regulated in nature keeping the population proportions naturally maintained. This phenomenon is termed self-regulation. In a single breed of animals, the number of males and females generated through procreation is such that the continuity of species is ensured by itself. This happens with humans too, but inhuman practices have led to disproportionate numbers of men and women. These two characteristics namely, cyclical nature and self-regulation provide us with some clues of the harmony that is in nature.

With the right understanding, human beings can be the most fulfilling units in nature. We can take a few examples. We can use solar power and plant-based fuels in place of petroleum and coal. There are many efforts in this direction now. There are many examples of single individuals regenerating an entire forest! Each of us can plant a lot of trees in a lifetime, isn’t it? By maintaining adequate forest and grassland, we can ensure a conducive environment for the birds and animals also. Like that, we can play the role of being fulfilling all orders. For that, we have to understand nature, understand the four orders which is what we intend to do next.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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