KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 2: Self Exploration as the process of Value Education

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Self Exploration

Self-exploration is the process to find out what is valuable to me by investigating within myself, what is right for me, true for me, has to be judged within myself. Through self-exploration, we get the value of ourselves.

The value of any entity is its participation in the larger order. In the case of human beings, to understand what is valuable, we need to study ourselves and the “larger order” around us, which is everything around us.

DigitalG1 Self Exploration

We live with this entirety (family, friends, air, soil, water, trees, etc.) and we want to understand our relationship with all these. For this, I need to start observing inside. What we are doing is we are observing outside, but not inside (“what I feel when I saw this”).

Meaning and Purpose of Self Exploration

    1. It is a process of dialogue between “what you are” and “what you really want to be”: Self Exploration is a process of focusing attention on ourselves, our present beliefs and aspirations vis-à-vis what we really want to be (that is to say, what is naturally acceptable to us). If these two are the same, then there is no problem. If on investigation we find that these two are not the same, then it means we are living with this contradiction (of not being what we really want to be) and hence, we need to resolve this contradiction this conflict within us. Self Exploration is a process of discovering that there is something innate, invariant, and universal in all human beings. This enables us to look at our confusions and contradictions within and resolve them by becoming aware of our natural acceptance.
    2. It is a process of self-evolution through self-investigation: Self Exploration successively enables us to evolve by bridging the gap between “what we are” and “what to be”. Hence, self-exploration leads to our own improvement, our self-evolution – we will become qualitatively better.
    3. It is a process of knowing oneself and through that, knowing the entire existence: The exploration starts by asking simple questions about ourself, which gives our clarity about our being, and then clarity about everything around us.
    4. It is a process of recognizing one’s relationship with every unit in existence and fulfilling it: Self Exploration is a process of becoming aware about our right relationship with other entities in existence and through that discovering the interconnectedness, co-existence and other in the entire existence, and living accordingly.
    5. It is a process of knowing human conduct, human character, and living accordingly: Self Exploration is a process of discovering the definitiveness of human conduct and human character and enabling one to be definite in thought, behavior, and work.
    6. It is a process of being in harmony in oneself and in harmony with entire existence: This process of self-exploration helps us to be in harmony with ourselves and with everything around us.
    7. It is a process of identifying our Innateness (Svatva) and moving towards Self- organization (Swatantrata) and Self – expression (Swarajya): This process of self-exploration helps us to identify our swatva and through that acquiring swantantrata and swarajya.
      Swatva: Innateness of self – the natural acceptance of harmony
      Swatantrata: Being self-organized – being in harmony with oneself
      Swarajya: Self-expression, self-extension – living in harmony with others
DigitalG1 Swatva Swatantrata Swarajya
The swatva is already there, intact in each one of us. By being in dialogue with it, we attain swantantrata enabling us to work for swarajya.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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