KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 6: Harmony in Self – Understanding Myself

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What is the Solution?

The solution is to start verifying our desires, thoughts, and expectations on the basis of our natural acceptance. So how does the accessing of natural acceptance resolve this solution?

    • It becomes possible for us to have the right understanding of the harmony at all levels of our living.
    • When we have the right understanding, we are able to see our “true nature”, and what we truly want. Our desires thus start getting set on the basis of this right understanding – instead of being driven by preconditioning/ sensations.
    • This put us at ease (freedom from anxiety and pain, conflicts). We are no longer struggling or are in conflict at the various levels of our living.

Operating on the basis of our ‘natural acceptance’ thus leads to operating on the basis of our ‘realization’ and ‘understanding’.

Realization and Understanding

Realization means to be able to see the reality as it is.

Understanding means to be able to understand the self-organization in all entities of nature/existence and their inter-connected organization “as it is”.

These are the two activities in the self (‘I’) (placed at point 1 and 2 in the figure)

DigitalG1 Realization of Co-existance & It's expression - Universal Human Order

When we have (1) realization then (2) understanding becomes according to the realization. When this happens, then (3) imaging or desires get set according to this understanding. Consequently, (4) analysis or thoughts become according to the imaging/desires, and hence, the (5) expectations or selection/taste are according to the thoughts/analysis. This is called self-organization or Swantrata. This leads to happiness and its continuity.

In realization and understanding, we get the answer to “what is the reality?” This, for each one of us, translates into the answers to “what to do?” and “why to do?” Then what remains to find out is “how to do?”, which comes from imagination (activities 3, 4, and 5). As we see today we are focusing on “how to do?”, without trying to first verify “what to do?” and “why to do?”! It is just like traveling in a comfortable AC vehicle on a smooth road without knowing where we have to go!

The problem today is that our activities of (1) realization and (2) understanding are inactive, we are unaware of them. As a result, we are not able to operate on our own right and keep operating on the basis of preconditioning and sensations i.e. we are operating only at the levels of (3) desire, (4) thought, and (5) expectations today. This is not sufficient for us as human being. We thus need to operate at the levels (1) realization and (2) understanding as the basis on which (3), (4), and (5) get definite.

Result of Realization and Understanding – Living with Definiteness...

Today our behavior is highly unpredictable and changes with who we are interacting, our state of mind, and many other factors. It is a reasonably confused state of affairs, of conflict and contradiction, of unhappiness. This is called as having an ‘indefinite conduct’. We don’t find unpredictability acceptable – in ourselves and in others. We desire for definiteness.

When we do not have the right understanding, our desires keep shifting, and this indefiniteness is reflected in our thoughts, and selections we make, and finally in our behavior and work. When we operate on the basis of our preconditioned imagination or our preconditioned desires, thoughts, and selections we are not self-organized. On the other hand, when we operate on the basis of realization and understanding, there is certainty in our behavior and our conduct. We are self-organized. This self-organization is acceptable.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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