KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Chapter 14: Basis for the Holistic Alternative towards Universal Human Order

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Universal Human Order and its Implications

So finally, it may be concluded that it is possible to move towards a universal human order with the help of suitable systems and policies evolved in the light of the right understanding. Such a development will naturally acceptable to all human beings. The whole existence except the human beings is already operating in harmony. It is for us, the human beings, to understand, to appreciate this harmony, and to play our role in this total order.

On the basis of the understanding of harmony, we get the notion of an undivided society and universal human order. The universal human order will comprise of:

    • The five dimensions of human endeavor (education, health, etc.) towards a fragmented society.
    • The steps of the organization from family to world family, each anchored in the right understanding will integrate in the following way:
      family ⇒ family cluster ⇒ village/community ⇒ village cluster ⇒⇒⇒ world family

We had listed the five dimensions in chapter nine. In each of the five dimensions, we can visualize a humane system, be it education, health, production, exchange, or justice, and conceptualize a harmoniously functioning society. The social organization can proceed from family to world family with representative bodies of persons endowed with the right understanding at each level.

Summarized by – Dr. Niyati Garg

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