Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

KVE301/KVE401 Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

Course Introduction

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the course on Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics, KVE301/KVE401. In this course, we will cover:

    • Need and Basic Guidelines of Value Education
    • Process of Value Education
    • Understanding Harmony in the Human Being
    • Understanding Harmony in the Family
    • Understanding Harmony in the Society
    • Understanding Harmony in the Nature and Existence
    • Holistic Understanding of Harmony on
      Professional Ethics etc.
UHV What is my role in this existence

The views, opinions, and content on these web pages are solely those of the original authors Sh. R R Gaur, Sh. R. Sangal & Sh. G P Bagharia in the book “A foundation course in Human Values & Professional Ethics”. We only summarized that content & presented it in E-format. The summary was done by Dr. Niyati Garg, Asst. Professor (Human Values), MIET Meerut & editor of E-format is Mr. Aditya Saini, Founder CEO, Digital जीवन.
Please go through the following links before starting the course:

    1. Our Team
    2. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs
    3. Course Structure
    4. References
    5. Evaluation of the course

We hope that you will enjoy this course and it will give you some value.

Best Wishes

Team, Digital जीवन

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