Vision for Human Society (Values, Relationship & Ethical Human Conduct)

KOE076 (ROE088) Vision for Humane Society (Values, Relationship & Ethical Human Conduct)

Course Structure

Unit 1: Introduction to the course

Chapter 1: General Introduction to Course

Chapter 2: Recognising the Human Goal

Chapter 3: Relationship Established Values

Chapter 4: Relationship Expressed Values

Chapter 5: Justice in relationship

Chapter 6: Relationship Types (View 1)

Chapter 7: Relationship Types (View 2)

Unit 1 Quiz

Unit 2: Understanding Human-Human Relationship & its fulfillment

Chapter 8: How to Live in Relationship (Eightfold Path)

Chapter 9: How to Live in Relationship (Yam-Niyam)

Chapter 10: How to Live in Relationship (अर्थ, काम, धर्म, मोक्ष)

Chapter 11: How to Live in Relationship (असंग्रह, स्नेह, विद्या, सरलता, अभय)

Chapter 12: Human Culture

Chapter 13: Human Sanskaar

Chapter 14: Human Civilisation

Chapter 15: Evaluation of the present state of society

Chapter 16: Steps for transition (Society)

Unit 2 Quiz

Unit 3: Justice from family to world family order

Chapter 17: Human Order – General Description

Chapter 18: Education – Content

Chapter 19: Education – Process

Chapter 20: Education – Process of Understanding (Adhyan Vidhi)

Chapter 21: Education – Policies and systems

Chapter 22: Health – Health of body

Chapter 23: Health – Program for ensuring Health

Chapter 24: Health – Policies and Systems

Chapter 25: Justice – General Overview

Chapter 26: Justice – Policies and Systems

Unit 3 Quiz

Unit 4: Program for Ensuring Undivided Society and Universal Human Order

Chapter 27: Production – General Overview

Chapter 28: Production – Policies and Systems

Chapter 29: Production - Critical analysis of present situation

Chapter 30: Exchange & Distribution - General Overview

Chapter 31: Exchange & Distribution – Policies and Systems

Chapter 32: Right Utilization - General Overview

Chapter 33: Right Utilization - Critical Analysis

Chapter 34: Preservation - General Overview

Chapter 35: Preservation - Policies and Systems

Chapter 36: Governance- Formal System (Vyavastha_seva_samaaj_Seva)

Chapter 37: Governance- Social System (Vyavastha_seva_samaaj_Seva)

Unit 4 Quiz

Unit 5: Human Tradition

Chapter 38: Evaluation of the fulfillment of the human goal

Chapter 39: Details of a Model family, Village, and Nation

Chapter 40: Critical Analysis of present systems

Chapter 41: Initial Steps for transition (Systems)

Chapter 42: Sum-up (Society)

Chapter 43: Sum-up (System)

Unit 5 Quiz


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